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7 Useful Beauty Hacks

Caitlin Barton and Presley Morgan

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-When applying concealer under the eyes, rather than drawing a crescent like shape, try drawing an upside-down triangle instead. This allows for easy blending and a more flattering look.



-To make your glossy lips into a matte look that everyone adores, apply a thin layer of concealer underneath your gloss. This not only gives off a beautiful matte finish, but also makes your look last even longer.



-To prevent mascara from clumping run the tube under hot water. The heat of the water softens the mixture allowing for a smooth application on to the eyelashes.



-While painting your nails apply a thin layer of Elmer’s glue around the skin to prevent stray paint marks from causing a mess.


Spilled Nail Polish

-If you have accidentally knocked over your bottle of nail polish while painting your nails just pour a small amount of sugar on the spill and let it sit for 10 minutes and then sweep it up.


Wavy/Curly Hair

-For girls (or even guys) with wavy or curly hair, after taking a shower try drying your hair with a cloth t-shirt instead of a towel, or if possible let it air dry. This helps keep your perfect curls full and defined without the frizz.


Wrinkled Clothing

-For those of us who are too lazy to actually iron our clothes in the morning there is a quick and easy solution. Just pop a couple of ice cubes in the dryer with your outfit of choice and start the dryer. The ice melts causing steam and this allows for the wrinkles to come out, giving you a fresh crisp look in your morning hurry.


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7 Useful Beauty Hacks